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Meet Christine


As a Photographer, a Mother, and a Woman, I understand there are no less than a kajillion

little things you want to remember about your ever-growing children: the thick eyelashes, the elbow dimples,

that silly crooked smile, the wonder in their expressions as they describe something very important to them,

like you (well, or Spongebob..). You are a very big part of their little worlds, and as fleeting as childhood can be,

they want to remember every little detail of you as well.  I highly encourage parents to become a part of their childrens’

portraits!  Get out from behind the camera, and let me put every little detail into a memory you can hold in your hands,

and hang on your wall.  Let’s make something that your childrens’ childrens’ children can look at in a hundred years to know

where they got their beautiful smiles.

Contact me today to get started!  I can’t wait to meet you and your beautiful family!

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